About YumeCommerce

Help creative and gifted people to spread their talent in the best way possible is our goal. The YumeCommerce has a very narrow and specific purpose, oriented to sell handmade crafts online. We believe that old view of e-commerce left in the past, because of this the whole shop is located on the main page. And now customers can buy any your product in just few clicks. YumeCommerce doesn’t look like a standard e-commerce template, it provides better user experience and gives fresh new approach to you and your clients.

YumeCommerce based on WordPress gives you a powerful & flexible tool to manage your content. WordPress community is enormous and provides thousands of different plugins and improvements for your site for free. It’s easy to turn your vision of web site into a real project.

We don’t limit your access to your site or create some restrictions according to some hard pricing plan, no, we believe that you deserve the best service. Our main mission is to create the shortest and simplest way for you to master your own shop. YumeCommerce experts are e-commerce designers, developers and marketers aimed to make your online store a huge success.

Driven by commitment to do things right – YumeCommerce team